Showcasing Fernando Cornejo Fine Art

Showcasing Fernando Cornejo Fine Art

Showcasing Fernando Cornejo Fine ArtShowcasing Fernando Cornejo Fine Art

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About Me

About the series



I began my earliest continuing series, Numeros y Colores in 1996. This series represents the unification of colors, numbers and geometric shapes. All these elements combine to form a complex yet simple-looking form, which demonstrates how colors interact with each other.

The numbers and letters are placed in a  random fashion; they really don’t have any meaning except in a graphic sense- they break up the space and attract ones eye to a point from which to begin to take in the colors and letters working together. 

Many people enjoy this series because certain numbers or letters may have significance in their lives, drawing them to associate with a particular painting.

My Technique



My technique is very similar to reverse glass painting, an art form consisting of applying paint to a piece of glass and then viewing the image by turning the glass over and looking through the glass at the image. I have updated this technique, by using plexiglass or Acetate instead of glass. This technique is very difficult, because you have to think in reverse. Unlike traditional

painting in which the last layer of paint is displayed, my first layer of paint is the most critical, because it is the first layer that the viewer will see. Acrylic paint is the medium

used on both series.

About the Artist



Fernando Cornejo is a native of Bloomington Illinois and is a graduate of Illinois College in Jacksonville Illinois. 

While attending Illinois College, he received the McGaw Citation in the Arts, and the Elizabeth Caine Art Award. 

After graduation he has focused his talents on developing his Numeros y Colores  and landscape series. 

Fernando continues to paint and exhibit. His work is avidly collected and can be found in many respected collections and universities.